Year 5 had a fantastic day yesterday learning all about the Vikings at Palace Green Museum and Library in Durham.

The day started with a handling session where the children were able to examine a wide range of artifacts from the Viking period. Some even tried the helmets on for size but perhaps need to grow a little bit before they could fight in them! Afterwards, they went into the museum room and took part in several activities such as playing a Viking game, matching words, placing items in a Viking burial site and looking at the weapons that would have been used in battle. After lunch, the afternoon was spent looking at Kennings (traditional Viking ‘riddle-like’ poetry) and then using these on their own rune stones, writing in the Viking runes, of course!

As always, the children were a credit to Fellside and, though they arrived with much knowledge after only two weeks studying the topic, absorbed a great deal of information in just one day and are excited to learn more about this very interesting period of British history!

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