Year One took a long walk in the lovely spring sunshine to visit St. Mary’s Parish Church to meet Father Barry. He was waiting in the church to teach them all about the ritual of baptism. They had a baby doll prepared and all wrapped up in a christening shawl to baptise and Father Barry led them through each stage of the ceremony around the ancient font. Some acted as the baby’s parents bringing him forward for baptism; some acted as Godparents promising to help to bring him up to be a Christian and some of the children played the part of the congregation, welcoming the baby into a larger family. So he was baptised ‘Archie Harrison’ and we all looked on as he was anointed with oil, marked with the sign of the cross and received blessed water poured from a shell that came from the font.
Later we looked as the stories featured in the stained glass windows – we saw John the Baptist baptising Jesus and the children running to be close to Jesus. We saw the story of young Jesus found in the temple by his worried parents and the Annunciation, where young Mary was visited by an angel to be told she was going to have a baby. We saw Jesus healing a lame man and the beautiful new windows of the lady chapel. Stories from the bible told in glowing glass.
Year One would like to thank the kind set of grandmothers, who gave up their time freely to help escort the children safely to and from the church and the parents who sent in photographs and artefacts of the baptisms of some of our class as we enjoyed sharing these


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