Year 5 were visited by Kate Hinton of North East Humanists as they have been learning about this belief in their RE lessons.

Kate came in to talk to the children about the Golden Rule, ceremonies and what being a humanist means to her. She also answered many of the thoughtful questions that the children had about this community of people across the world, such as ‘Do you have a special book, similar to the Bible or Qu’ran?’ and ‘Are there any special rules you need to follow as a humanist?’

Kate was very impressed by the children’s knowledge and was delighted to see our understanding of the UN’s Rights of the Child, which links to our PSHE work. As well as this, we discussed how deforestation is an important topic for many humanists, who aim to better the world we live in.

We certainly learned a great deal more by having Kate visit us, as well as the lasting message (Golden Rule) to treat others as we wish to be treated.
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