Some of Year 6’s spring and summer term computing lessons were centred around a very special collaborative project between Fellside and Durham University’s department of Computer Science.  The children have been learning about machine learning and artificial intelligence supported by Dr Al-Moubayed and her colleagues.  Using funding from the Royal Society, the children were introduced to some new computer hardware, the ‘Raspberry Pi’, and how it can be used to  help predict the likelihood of a particular outcome based on identifying patterns within data sets.  Whilst this is impressive enough, the children were then tasked with presenting their research and ideas to students and lecturers at Durham University during a visit they made there on Wednesday 22nd May.

The children presented their ideas for real-life contexts for the application of machine learning with great confidence and they clearly won the admiration of a very learned and academic crowd of lecturers and under and post-graduates.  Indeed, the Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Houston, was so intrigued by the children’s work that he interrupted his leave from work to come to meet them!  Mrs Petrie and Mrs Rutherford, who accompanied the children, were immensely proud of the children’s professionalism, maturity and poise as they delivered their presentations and discussed their findings.  They are a great credit to our school.

Whilst at Durham, the children also found time to sit in on a machine learning lecture and generally experience university life for a day.  We are incredibly proud of their achievements.

Grateful thanks to Dr Al-Moubayed and her colleagues for the considerable time and effort they have invested in our children.


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