Our latest mystery readers brought in ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ by Jez Alborough and ‘Rhinos don’t eat pancakes’ by Anna Kemp. ‘Where’s my Teddy?’ was all about Eddy who had lost his teddy in the woods. He came across an enormous teddy and though his teddy must have grown until he saw a real bear clutching his teddy! They had gotten mixed up! ‘Rhinos don’t eat pancakes’ was all about a rhino that had escaped from the zoo and ended up at Daisy’s house. When she tried to tell her parents, they didn’t believe her – even when it ate all the pancakes! They went for a trip to the zoo and realised it had escaped. It was actually trying to get home so Daisy and her parents sent it back ‘a million miles away’ on an aeroplane. From then on Daisy’s parents always listened to her!

Thank you for some lovely stories!

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