At last a break in the rain meant Year One could venture forth into our school grounds in order to identify the trees that make up our lush school grounds. Armed with photographs of the leaves of Britain’s most common trees and working in twos, they set off in two large groups to see what could be found. What a range there was! From our magnificent Oak trees, Hawthorne, Sycamore, Birch and Elder that could be found in the Key Stage One playground to the Beech, Ash, Holly and Rowan trees that grace our field. We found sycamore keys in various stages of growth, beech nuts, thorns on the Hawthorne and interestingly that newly grown Holly leaves aren’t at all sharp and prickly but soft and flexible! How lucky we are to be surround by such beautiful native trees! Next time you visit, take a moment to stop and stare to admire our trees in full leaf.

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