Year 6 children really did a superb job in presenting their ‘International Cafe’ after school on Wednesday 26th June, providing us all with an array of tasty foods from around the world as part of their Entrepreneur Project.  The children are saving for an end-of-primary visit to Lightwater Valley, something they hope to achieve by undertaking a number of fund-raising events.  After last night’s efforts, I am sure that they will have taken several steps closer to making their dream a reality, thanks to the incredible support for the event shown by our entire school community.  The food was a complete sell-out and compliments to the many chefs were in abundance!

So many people have contributed to the ‘behind the scenes’ work in respect of the International Cafe, including local sponsors, parents and Fellside staff members.  Thank you all!

Huge congratulations to our amazing Year 6 class who showed great teamwork and commitment to meeting deadlines etc. in preparing for their event.  They have shown us all just how ready they are for their forthcoming move to secondary school!  Enjoy these lovely photographs.

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