We celebrated National Poetry Day at Fellside on Thursday 3rd October.  Not content with just reciting a poem, as was the brief to classes, our Year 1 children went one step further and, together with Mrs Greenwood their teacher, they wrote their poem too.  Titled ‘FELLSIDE’ (what else?) the poem is a summary of the many good things that they think our school stands for, in acrostic-style.  The children performed their poem beautifully, displaying the correct letter cards at exactly the right moment.  Here’s the poem in print along with some photos of the children in action. Congratulations to Year 1!

F is for friends we love to get to know.
E is for excited to be here and grow.
L is for learning, which we do every day.
L learning and growing in the Fellside way.
S is for our Seven Cs, which we trust.
I is for imagination, who knows where it will lead us?
D is for determination, which you will find across our school.
E is for everyone together at Fellside, which we think is rather cool!

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