Our School Mission, Vision , Values and Aims

Our Mission Statement:

Ensuring every member of our school community is inspired to fulfil their potential and is prepared effectively for their future.

Our School Vision

At Fellside, we nurture curiosity, creativity and the love of learning through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum, where learning is at the heart of all that we do. We are all challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals and from collaboration through partnerships. Through personal development, our pupils develop commitment, confidence and aspiration to achieve and maximise their potential. They can respond positively to change and become fully prepared for both the next stage in their future and to become tolerant, responsible, caring citizens of 21st century Britain

Our School Learning Values

In the autumn term 2015, staff agreed on a set of value principles that we seek to promote to further develop Fellside children’s understanding of the characteristics of effective learning. We aim, over time, to ensure children are better equipped to accurately assess themselves as learners and set pertinent goals for self-improvement.

These values underpin both our curriculum and our ethos and they are central to the tenets of daily life at our school.

We aim for children to show curiosity in their learning; to ask questions and take risks.

We encourage children to give 100% effort and to be prepared to practise.

We want Fellside children to be brave in their learning; to be excited to try new things.

Using imagination; pushing boundaries; suggesting new ideas and being resourceful – all part of daily life at Fellside.

We encourage tolerance, working together as a team and asking for and offering help.

Learning from mistakes and sometimes finding things difficult is all  part of being a learner.

Acceptance of helpful criticism so we can learn from it and ensure that we keep improving.

Colloquially, we refer to these values as ‘The Seven Cs’

Our School Aims


  • To provide a welcoming, happy, safe, purposeful, energised and vibrant environment;
  • To reflect an open, honest, self-reflective and respectful culture;
  • To follow Fellside shared values: commitment, collaboration, change, confidence, creativity, curiosity and challenge
  • To promote inspiration – fostering aspiration, creating and seizing opportunities ;
  • To maximise potential – celebrating success and investing in the future of every child.


  • To provide decisive strategic direction in realising vision;
  • To share accountability in performance delivery ;
  • To lead, motivate and develop a team with capacity for succession;
  • To embrace a culture of innovation and change.


  • To maintain outstanding educational standards;
  • To promote aspiration and engagement through our learning values;
  • To demonstrate continuous improvement through self-evaluation and feedback;
  • To provide challenge and support through personal development.


  • To remain anchored in serving the community;
  • To maintain our established traditions yet synonymous being forward-thinking and for outward-looking;
  • To maintain a strong school brand which is recognisable and synonymous with pride and success.


  • To nurture a proactive and open-minded approach to collaboration with a wide-range of partners;
  • To encourage active learning, jointly supporting and developing independence and skills required to be prepared for the next stage(s) of our lives.


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