Fellside Children’s Support for a Local Cancer Charity

Doing good deeds is very much in the DNA of Fellside children, but it was nonetheless a very lovely proud moment today in assembly when 3 of our pupils received special certificates from local cancer charity FACT in recognition of the support they have shown them...

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Exploring Whickham in Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed a trip around Whickham yesterday as they practiced their geography fieldwork skills. The aim was to observe and compare the residential, commercial and recreational areas in the town in order to consider what made Whickham such a great place to live! We...

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Super Science Week in Year 3

Year 3 had a fantastic time celebrating British Science Week this week by carrying out a range of exciting experiments. Each morning, the children would be greeted by an investigation which would lead them to practice their prediction, observation, enquiry and...

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Hockey Success this Mothers Day!

It was a busy Mothers Day for certain members of our Year 5 class and their families who travelled to Cumbria this morning to take part in the Borders Finals.  The team members are all made up of Fellside pupils who train with Miss Knox, though on this occasion they...

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Breakfast Boogie

From Professor Nitrate we found out that everything is made of tiny particles. Some of these particles are positive and some are negative and opposites attract, like metal to a magnet. We scattered puffed rice on one of our tables and placed a sheet of perspex over...

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Year One’s Money Laundering

No, as part of Science Week, we haven't been training our pupils to be master criminals, we have been cleaning copper coins! Copper pennies look dull and dirty when the copper mixes with oxygen in the air so we separated the copper from the oxygen around it. We...

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