Breakfast Boogie

From Professor Nitrate we found out that everything is made of tiny particles. Some of these particles are positive and some are negative and opposites attract, like metal to a magnet. We scattered puffed rice on one of our tables and placed a sheet of perspex over...

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Year One’s Money Laundering

No, as part of Science Week, we haven't been training our pupils to be master criminals, we have been cleaning copper coins! Copper pennies look dull and dirty when the copper mixes with oxygen in the air so we separated the copper from the oxygen around it. We...

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Science Week in Reception

What a fantastic week of Science the Reception class have had. A visit from Professor Nitrate started us off with a bang! Some brave volunteers helped her to make fire, send tubes popping up to the ceiling, make balls levitate and unroll toilet paper without touching...

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Catching up on World Book Day

Unfortunately, World Book Day was one of the casualties of our closure days during the snowy weather last week.  Keen not to forget the day in its entirety however, our lovely kitchen staff made some belated WBD cookies and cakes for children (and staff!) to enjoy on...

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Science week in Nursery

Professor Nitrate came in to show us some wacky science experiments! We talked about the three things needed to make fire: oxygen, fuel and heat. We made our own fire! It was a good job we had a special glove on to protect our hand! Next we made some mini explosions!...

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