Science week in Nursery

Professor Nitrate came in to show us some wacky science experiments! We talked about the three things needed to make fire: oxygen, fuel and heat. We made our own fire! It was a good job we had a special glove on to protect our hand! Next we made some mini explosions!...

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Food, Glorious Food!

Year One's latest display is up in our classroom and features cross curricular work on our current topic. There's data handling to show which of the tropical foods we tasted was our favourite. In a design technology class, we assessed such foods in terms of their...

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Testing Materials

An array of fabrics were tested by Year One to decide which would make the best material to make waterproof jacket for a lighthouse keeper. After a great deal of discussion, they designed a fair test and set about testing their samples of fabric. They really enjoyed...

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Code Club Trial Our Brand New Ozobots!

Fellside started it's very first Code Club this term, run by Miss Watson and open to Year 5 and 6 pupils. So far they have coded games, animations and paint programs but the arrival of the Ozobots brought huge excitement. With Year 6 on their residential visit to...

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Do you like the taste?

Year One have been tasting exotic fruits lately and all of them have discovered a fruit that they rather liked and would willingly eat again! As part of their food nutrition lesson, they were introduced to some of the tropical fruits that feature in the story Handa's...

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