We aim to promote the 7 learning values to all Fellside children to teach them the importance of investing in learning to learn. These values underpin both our curriculum and our ethos and they are central to the tenets of daily life at our school.


We aim for children to show curiosity in their learning; to ask questions and  take risks.


We encourage children to give 100% effort and to be prepared to practise.


We want Fellside children to be brave in their learning; to be excited to try new things.


Using imagination; pushing boundaries; suggesting new ideas and being resourceful – all part of daily life at Fellside.


We encourage tolerance, working together as a team and asking for and offering help.


Learning from mistakes and sometimes finding things difficult is all part of being a learner.


Acceptance of helpful criticism so we can learn from it ensures that we keep improving.


Welcome to Fellside!  Situated in the heart of Whickham, Fellside is very much a community school; here to serve families in the locality and to provide an outstanding education for children.

We are very proud of the strong partnership that exists between Fellside parents and school staff and governors; indeed, this forms an integral part of the success on which our school is based.  We are committed to meeting the needs of all Fellside children, ensuring each and every one of them reaches their potential; fostering a lifelong love for learning and providing them with the tools to prepare them for the next stage of their education and beyond.

We are a school with a strong reputation for academic success and we work hard to maintain this.  We are equally proud, however, of the wealth of opportunities and experiences that Fellside children enjoy throughout the school year, and we endeavour to ensure every child is inspired to find a skill, an interest or a talent to nurture and develop, whether that is sporting, artistic or musical.

At the heart of our ethos is our commitment to provide support and inspiration to achieve in a nurturing environment in which challenges are recognised and successes are celebrated.  Our Fellside Learning Values – the key tenets of what we believe make a successful learner – also form a significant role in our ethos and mission. Known colloquially as our ‘7 Cs’, these include Collaboration, Change, Curiosity, Commitment, Confidence, Challenge and Creativity.  All are interwoven into the ‘fabric’ of daily life at Fellside.

Our school website provides a snapshot of life in our vibrant and busy school.  I hope you will enjoy reading our many posts on recent activities.  If you are new to the school community and want to know more, do contact us to arrange a visit.year 3 challenge

Kerrie Hood: Head Teacher
Louise Levy: Chair of Governors


Fellside on Film


Musical Assembly – Wednesday 26th June

  Our musical assembly was held on Wednesday 26th June -  an opportunity for our talented whole-class musicians to demonstrate their skills that they have attained across the year.  Mr Lee, our inimitable violin teacher, was present to direct the proceedings...

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Year 6 International Cafe

Year 6 children really did a superb job in presenting their 'International Cafe' after school on Wednesday 26th June, providing us all with an array of tasty foods from around the world as part of their Entrepreneur Project.  The children are saving for an...

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Identifying Trees

At last a break in the rain meant Year One could venture forth into our school grounds in order to identify the trees that make up our lush school grounds. Armed with photographs of the leaves of Britain's most common trees and working in twos, they set off in two...

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Strawberries and Wine Concert 2019

  Our annual Strawberries and Wine concert took place on Thursday 20th June.  As is always the case, we enjoyed a full and varied programme of music and song courtesy of our young musicians.  The event closes with the award of our 'Player of the Year' prizes...

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Model Lighthouses

Here are our model lighthouses made on our recent visit to Souter Lighthouse and completed in school. The children created a switch which completes an electrical circuit and lights up the bulb so they can switch the light on and off. They decorated their model...

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Coming Up

Sep 2 @ 9:00 am – 3:15 pm
9:00 am
First day of autumn term – school closed to children for staff training
Sep 2 @ 1:30 pm – Sep 6 @ 3:15 pm
1:30 pm
Our Nursery team will be undertaking home visits for new pupils being admitted to the Nursery class in September 2019
Sep 3 @ 8:55 am – 3:15 pm
8:55 am
School opens for the first day of the 2019/20 academic year (Reception to Year 6) Reception children – full time/part time this week (as agreed)
Sep 9 @ 9:00 am – 9:45 am
9:00 am
All Reception parents are invited to attend a coffee morning in the school hall on the morning of Monday 9th September – the first full day of school for all members of the class.
Sep 27 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
9:00 am
Fellside will be hosting a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan.  Join us for cakes and refreshments in our school hall and enjoy a performance from our school choir.
12:00 am
School closes at 3.15pm on Friday 18th October and reopens at 8.55am on Monday 28th October (half-term week)
Dec 20 all-day
12:00 am
School closes for the  Christmas holidays at 3.15pm on Friday 20th December
12:00 am
School reopens after the Christmas holidays for the start of the spring term 2020

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Wonderful Ambassadors

The children of Fellside are wonderful ambassadors for our school.  Hardworking, polite and with positive attitudes to all areas of school life, they are truly delightful and we are privileged to work with them.  Our commitment to the children and their families is to present as many valuable opportunities as possible to them – whether in sport, music, the arts or citizenship – whilst maintaining a strong academic focus through a stimulating curriculum that enables every child to succeed.

Enriching the Curriculum

Fellside children benefit from a curriculum that is greatly enriched to appeal to every child, no matter what they like doing.  We participate in a wide range of sporting activities, festivals and competitions including football, basketball, tennis, cricket and even fencing!  Our annual ‘Strawberries and Wine’ concert is a much anticipated event in which we embrace the musical achievements of our pupils.  Thanks to our class assemblies and whole school performances such as those at Christmas, we seek to invite friends and families of the school to share the work of our amazing children as often as possible.  One thing is for sure.  There’s always much happening at Fellside!


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