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Welcome to Fellside Nursery! We work closely with the Reception staff as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, to ensure the children in our Nursery receive the best possible start to their education. Our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff ensure that each child’s time here is exciting, engaging and memorable.

Our Nursery is open during term time from 8.30am until 3.30pm. We offer a range of provision including the funded 30 hours (subject to eligibility) as well as a funded 15 hours provision over 2.5 days or 5 mornings (8.30am-11.30am) or 5 afternoons (12.30pm-3.30pm).

We have a large indoor area which includes a sizeable soft play room, as well as our garden which includes a brand new sand pit, slide and climbing equipment.

At Fellside Nursery, staff plan directly from the children’s interests and needs so that they are engaged and in control of their learning. Activities are carefully planned so that children are supported and challenged to achieve their potential. Each child’s experience in Nursery is documented in their ‘Learning Journeys’ which are available to look through at in the Nursery at any time. We also frequently post our activities on here, as well as information and events. Any comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated. 

If you require any further information about our Nursery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the main school office or check the Nursery Admissions under the ‘About’ section of this website.


Goodbye to our Butterflies

Today it was time to say goodbye to our butterflies. We had 8 in total and we let them all fly away by our flowers and butterfly house in the hope that they will all come back and see us soon!

Our Mystery Reader

Thanks to our Mystery Readers this week! We had Love Monster By Rachel Bright and Christopher Nibble by Charlotte Middleton. Love Monster is all about a monster who loves chocolate and wants to eat them all himself but realises it's better to share! In the end his...

Our Vegetable Garden

We have been busy planting our choice of vegetables this year. We have planted broccoli, onions, broad beans, cucumber, sweetcorn, carrots and potatoes. We also have our strawberries to tend to, a range of herbs in our herb garden and some sunflowers! Keep an eye on...

Our Mystery Readers this week

This week our Mystery Readers brought in 'Poo in the Zoo' by Steve Smallman and 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Poo in the zoo was all about an iguana who had a very strange poo! It caught the attention of a poo collector for his museum! Zog is all about...

Our Very Hungry Caterpillars!

We have had a special delivery of our very own caterpillars! They were so tiny when they arrived! We have 5 in one pot and 5 in the other. They have special food in the bottom of the tub to eat. Here are our caterpillars after 7 days. Look at how big and furry they...

Our Mystery Readers this week

We have had two mystery readers this week! This Daddy brought in 'The Selfish Crocodile' by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry. It was about a crocodile who wouldn't let anyone drink or bathe in his river and when he got toothache, nobody would help him except for a...

More Mystery Readers in Nursery

This week and just before the Easter holidays we had two more mystery readers! These Daddies came in to read us 'Cave Baby' by Julia Donaldson and 'Ten Little Dinosaurs' by Mike Brownlow. We had fun roaring along with the dinosaurs!

Maria from Gateshead Library visits Nursery

Today we had a visitor called Maria from Gateshead library. She came to read us some stories such as Bad Bunny and Simon Sock. She has brought her own sock in to play 'Simon Says' with! Maria told us all about joining the library and gave us some invitations. We can...

Our Mystery Reader this week

Our Mystery Reader this week brought in the book 'Charlie Cook's favourite book' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This is a very clever story as on each page each character is reading about the next character! But Charlie Cook starts and ends the story! Thank...

Our Mystery Reader this week

Our Mystery Reader this week gets extra brownie points for coming in a second time! This time we listened to the story 'Paper Dolls' by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb. It was all about a little girl who had made some paper dolls. She gave them all funny names and...

We’re going on a worm hunt!

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that there were a lot more worms in the garden. We decided to find out more about worms and learnt that they are really important to help things grow because of the tunnels they make. When they make tunnels, the rain water gets deeper...

Jambo Nursery!

We had some special visitors today called Oswin and Steph. Oswin is from Tanzania in Africa. They taught us a song in Swahili which is a language spoken in parts of Africa. The song is called Jambo Bwana which means hello everyone. Jambo, Jambo bwana. Habari gani,...


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