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Welcome to Fellside Nursery! We work closely with the Reception staff as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, to ensure the children in our Nursery receive the best possible start to their education. Our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff ensure that each child’s time here is exciting, engaging and memorable.

Our Nursery is open during term time from 8.30am until 3.30pm. We offer a range of provision including the funded 30 hours (subject to eligibility) as well as a funded 15 hours provision over 2.5 days or 5 mornings (8.30am-11.30am) or 5 afternoons (12.30pm-3.30pm).

We have a large indoor area which includes a sizeable soft play room, as well as our garden which includes a brand new sand pit, slide and climbing equipment.

At Fellside Nursery, staff plan directly from the children’s interests and needs so that they are engaged and in control of their learning. Activities are carefully planned so that children are supported and challenged to achieve their potential. Each child’s experience in Nursery is documented in their ‘Learning Journeys’ which are available to look through at in the Nursery at any time. We also frequently post our activities on here, as well as information and events. Any comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated. 

If you require any further information about our Nursery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the main school office or check the Nursery Admissions under the ‘About’ section of this website.


Nursery and Reception Music Workshop

Nursery and Reception had a great morning during our musical workshop! We heard lots of different instruments being played such as a keyboard, a bass guitar, a trombone, a trumpet, a violin and the drums. We learnt lots of new songs and learnt all about the different...

Nursery go pond dipping

This week we visited the pond to have a look at what creatures live there. We had some great suggestions beforehand - a mermaid, sharks, crocodiles, ducks, fish, crabs, jellyfish and tadpoles to name a few! We did find lots of tadpoles and water boatman, and lots and...

Animal Encounters Workshop

Jay brought lots of animals and creatures for us to have a look at today. We even got to hold some! We found out the names of all the creatures, what they like to eat, where they live and how they protect themselves from predators. There was Mr. Chin the bearded...

World Book Day Fun

We all came dressed up as our favorite book characters and the children from year 5 came to read some of our favorite stories! We all listened really well and enjoyed making new friends! Thanks year 5! 

Pancake Day

We made some pancakes with flour, eggs and milk. We mixed it together and poured it into the frying pan. When it was ready, we could choose our topping. We chose from strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, honey or lemon juice. We did very well to cut them up and eat them...

Animal Encounters Workshop

We are looking forward to meeting Jay from Jay's Animal Encounters who will be visiting on Tuesday 7th March. He will be hopefully be bringing in lots of creepy crawlies for us to hold! Please make sure we have received the money for this by Friday 3rd March. Thank...


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