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Welcome to Fellside Nursery! We work closely with the Reception staff as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, to ensure the children in our Nursery receive the best possible start to their education. Our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff ensure that each child’s time here is exciting, engaging and memorable.

Our Nursery is open during term time from 8.30am until 3.30pm. We offer a range of provision including the funded 30 hours (subject to eligibility) as well as a funded 15 hours provision over 2.5 days or 5 mornings (8.30am-11.30am) or 5 afternoons (12.30pm-3.30pm).

We have a large indoor area which includes a sizeable soft play room, as well as our garden which includes a brand new sand pit, slide and climbing equipment.

At Fellside Nursery, staff plan directly from the children’s interests and needs so that they are engaged and in control of their learning. Activities are carefully planned so that children are supported and challenged to achieve their potential. Each child’s experience in Nursery is documented in their ‘Learning Journeys’ which are available to look through at in the Nursery at any time. We also frequently post our activities on here, as well as information and events. Any comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated. 

If you require any further information about our Nursery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the main school office or check the Nursery Admissions under the ‘About’ section of this website.


Nursery celebrate Chinese New Year

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week. We had a special Chinese lunch on Tuesday with some noodles, rice, prawn crackers, spring rolls and fortune cookies. We have been testing out our chopstick skills with rice and noodles! We have made a Chinese...

Nursery become ‘Little Movers’!

Samantha from Little Movers came in to show us some dance moves! We played with the pom poms and had to follow the steps Samantha showed us. We also played with some really stretchy lycra and bounced the toys...

Nursery medium term plan for spring 2

Planning spring 2 parents version Just a reminder that key worker groups have changed for the half term. Miss Graham has the yellow/purple and the blue/green groups and Mrs Fallow and Mrs Wilkinson have the red group....

Pancake Wednesday!

As it's Pancake Tuesday during half term, we decided to make Pancakes this week and on a Wednesday! We mixed some flour, milk and eggs together in a bowl and whisked it until there were no lumps left. Then the mixture was poured into a hot frying pan to cook. When the...

Nursery learn about space and the fate of the dinosaurs

We have been so interested in dinosaurs and wondered why there are no more. We talked about how they are extinct and looked at a video of what the meteorite that hit earth, could have looked like. We watched as it hit the earth with huge impact and caused a big...

Nursery become story tellers and actors!

Last week we started to act some stories on our 'stage'. We pretended to be puppies sniffing flowers or skipping turtles or spiders being chased by monsters! This week we made our own stories to act out. We had some wonderful stories about butterflies, dogs, mermaids,...

Nursery enjoy the snow!

We have had a lovely time playing in the snow this week!  We made a snowman by rolling a ball of snow around the garden. It soon became extremely heavy! We collected some snow for our snowman on the sledge. Look how big our snowman became! It took three of us to push...

Our first week back in Nursery

We have had some new additions to our nursery this term! We hope they have enjoyed their first week! We had lots of ice in the garden this week! We broke it up with our feet and some tools and looked at the sizes and shapes of the ice. We tried to melt it with water...

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