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Welcome to Fellside Nursery! We work closely with the Reception staff as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, to ensure the children in our Nursery receive the best possible start to their education. Our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff ensure that each child’s time here is exciting, engaging and memorable.

Our Nursery is open during term time from 8.30am until 3.30pm. We offer a range of provision including the funded 30 hours (subject to eligibility) as well as a funded 15 hours provision over 2.5 days or 5 mornings (8.30am-11.30am) or 5 afternoons (12.30pm-3.30pm).

We have a large indoor area which includes a sizeable soft play room, as well as our garden which includes a brand new sand pit, slide and climbing equipment.

At Fellside Nursery, staff plan directly from the children’s interests and needs so that they are engaged and in control of their learning. Activities are carefully planned so that children are supported and challenged to achieve their potential. Each child’s experience in Nursery is documented in their ‘Learning Journeys’ which are available to look through at in the Nursery at any time. We also frequently post our activities on here, as well as information and events. Any comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated. 

If you require any further information about our Nursery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the main school office or check the Nursery Admissions under the ‘About’ section of this website.


Nursery Sponsored Toddle Grand Total

We have raised a massive £718 from our sponsored toddle! We are absolutely overwhelmed with this and can't thank you all enough! Words simply can't describe how grateful we really are. Also, a huge thank you from all of us again for all your kind words, gifts and...

Nursery Sponsored Toddle and Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Today we had our Sponsored Toddle and Teddy Bear's Picnic. We took our teddies with us as we toddled around the huge school field twice! To cool off, we sat in the garden and had our Teddy Bear's Picnic followed by some party games and even a Pinata!  The Grand Total...

Nursery Sports Day

Today was our Sports Day on the big field. We took part in lots of races such as the egg and spoon race, a beanbag race, an obstacle course, a dressing up race, a sack race and a running race. Our adults also got to take part in a really funny race where they had to...

Early Years get a new water wall

We are so lucky to have a new water wall in our garden! We have had lots of fun filling the tank with water and working out all the pulleys, levers and wheels to direct the water. There may have been a few wet children!

The Police visit Nursery

Sean the Police Officer came into Nursery to talk about what the Police do and how they keep us safe. He brought lots of equipment for us to try on and even some handcuffs! Then we got to have a look inside the Police van and car and he switched the lights and sirens...

Fun in the forest this week

This week we made some sticky pictures! We rolled out a long sheet of sticky paper and collected lots of things from around the forest to put onto it. Then we tied it to some sticks we had made into a frame and hung it on our fence. Now everyone passing our school can...

Hall Hill Farm Visit

Today we went to Hall Hill Farm on a big white coach. Our guides Lisa and Michelle took us around the farm to show us lots of animals such as the pigs and piglets, Highland cows and calves, alpacas, sheep, llamas, donkeys, turkeys and peacocks. We got to hold some...

Fun in the forest this week

This week we went on a treasure hunt in the forest. We had to find things were straight, round, fluffy, rough, smooth and beautiful. We separated them into different hoops and talked about our finds.  We looked at the quantities of each in the hoops at the end. We had...

Fun in the forest this week

This week we collected items from the forest to make some woodland creatures with! We took our items back to Nursery and moulded the clay into the shapes we needed. It was harder than our usual play dough! We put the items we had collected from the forest onto our...

Fun in the forest this week

 We went pond dipping this week and found lots tadpoles and water boatmen. We had to look on our checklist to see what we had found! We watched some bees collecting pollen from the flowers. We were very interested to find the hive! We talked about the life cycle of...

Goodbye to our chicks!

It was time to say goodbye to our chicks this week. We have loved having them! This week lots of children helped to clean the Brooder box and give the chicks fresh food and water. They even had a little play in soft play! But unfortunately they are getting too big to...


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