Mrs Storey, assisted by Mrs Fallow and Mrs Clark


A warm welcome to Reception. We are all looking forward to getting to know the children and their families.

As always, please feel free to call in and see us.

We are really excited to spend the next year together, watching the children grow and learn.

Mrs Storey, Mrs Clark and Mrs Fallow


Our Class Blog

Find those Frogs!

The Reception class enjoyed pond dipping this week. We took advantage of the nice weather to go to the school pond and find out what creatures were living there. We observed the creatures carefully and then tried to match them to the pictures on the identification...

Another Goodbye in Reception

Chick,chick,chick,chick,chicken, Lay a little egg for me! Reception class have enjoyed visiting the chicks in the Nursery. We went to see the hen's eggs in the incubator and the next day they began to hatch. We counted 11 chicks: 3 of them were girls and 8 boys. We...

“Do widzenia, Mrs Parker.”

Thanks to all the parents of the Reception class for giving Mrs Parker a wonderful send off. She read out  her cards and opened her lovely presents so that we could all share in the surprise. Mrs Parker also gave her own present to the class - a lovely play-dough cake...

Science Week in Reception

What a fantastic week of Science the Reception class have had. A visit from Professor Nitrate started us off with a bang! Some brave volunteers helped her to make fire, send tubes popping up to the ceiling, make balls levitate and unroll toilet paper without touching...

Reception get a taste of “Game Karate”

The Reception class had another exciting event this week. We all took part in a fun "Game Karate" session. James told us which country the word "karate" comes from and the word for "teacher."  We learnt three different moves. Can you remember what they were? Don't...


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