Mrs Storey, assisted by Mrs Fallow and Mrs Clark


A warm welcome to Reception. We are all looking forward to getting to know the children and their families.

As always, please feel free to call in and see us.

We are really excited to spend the next year together, watching the children grow and learn.

Mrs Storey, Mrs Clark and Mrs Fallow


Our Class Blog

Reception get a taste of “Game Karate”

The Reception class had another exciting event this week. We all took part in a fun "Game Karate" session. James told us which country the word "karate" comes from and the word for "teacher."  We learnt three different moves. Can you remember what they were? Don't...

Reception Class Trip to the Hatton Gallery

The Reception class went to The Hatton Gallery to see the Pop Art exhibition. We learned that  "Pop" means popular. The artists used lots of popular images to make their pictures and sculptures, for example photographs of film stars and comic characters. We also...

Panto Time for the Foundation Stage (Reception)

The Nursery and Reception classes thoroughly enjoyed their pantomime about "The Littlest Elf."  Pip took us on a magical adventure on Santa's sleigh, flying above the trees and up to space. We found lots of things Pip needed to help finish making the last toy teddy...

Reception party with Key Stage 1

The Reception class had great fun at our party.  We all dressed in our party clothes and joined Key Stage 1 in the hall. We gave everyone a twirl to show how smart we all looked. We played lots of games: musical statues, corners and pass the parcel before having our...

The First Snow

Reception class enjoyed the first snow of the year. We took turns on the sledges, made up our own rules about snowball fighting, tried to catch the snow in our mouths as it fell and made mini snowmen. We thought of lots of words to describe how the snow felt, what it...

Nurse Wendy visits Reception

Nurse Wendy came to visit us and told us all about what happens if we need to go to the hospital. She showed us pictures of who we might meet. We found out about lots of different kinds of equipment for measuring our heartbeat, heights and weights. We tried on a...

Children in Need Day in Reception

We had great fun today. After paying our "fine" to come in our pyjamas, we enjoyed seeing each other in different clothes and sorted ourselves into like groups. There were superheroes, dinosaurs, unicorns, Pudseys, animals, and lots more. We shared lots of stories...

Scooter skills in Reception

Bike It Ben came to teach the Reception class some scooter skills on Monday morning. We had great fun practising weaving in and out of the cones. Ben challenged us to use our other foot which was really tricky.  We all tried really hard and we 'll keep practising....

Diversity week in Reception

We have had quite a few visitors this week to talk about how diverse our school community is. We have found out about Holland, Zimbabwe and  Poland from our special visitors. We have also learned that some of us have roots in Pakistan, Mauritius, Spain, India,...


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