Year 1

Mrs Armstrong assisted by Mrs Nevin

A HUGE welcome to the Year One Class Blogg for the class of 2018-2019!
We are delighted you have joined us to find out about what we have been up to in our school learning environment and beyond.
Year One are a wonderful mix of characters and continue to enjoy their learning journey at Fellside.
Do add your comments to our entries as we would like to find out what you think about them.

Our Class Blog

Mixed Media Artwork by Y1

Here are Year One showing off their latest artwork - mixed media pictures of fireworks over a cityscape. Following a careful look at Nocturne in Black and Gold, The Flying Rocket painted by James Abbot Whistler in 1875. This dark, moody painting shows the thrill of a...

The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead Workshop

Year One were off on their first educational visit of the year on the 8th of November visiting The Discovery Museum in Newcastle. First they spent the morning session measuring the grand Turbinia ship in paces and then on a scavenger hunt through the ‘Newcastle Time...

Scooting Challenge

On Tuesday 6th November, Year One were put through their paces by Bike It officer, Ben Tweedie who taught them new skills to perform on their scooters. Ben is keen to promote the use of pedal and scooter power to get to and fro and we have plenty of space in our bike...

Warm and Cool Colours

Year One are proudly showing off their latest mixed media pictures. They can now identify and mix palettes of warm and cool colours. Warm colours are made mostly of reds, oranges and yellows. This family of colours is called warm because they remind you of warm things...

Be the Teacher

Oh what fun we had in our classroom lately when Mrs Armstrong could put up her feet for a few minutes and allow some new teachers take over the Year One classroom! Over the course of four weeks, each pupil delivered a presentation on some aspect of sea life or indeed...

Moving Pictures

Year One have been busy creating moving pictures in their Design Technology classes this term. After designing their pictures to meet a set of criteria which included adding one or more moving mechanism; drawing a subject that would appeal to younger children and...

Lighthouses that light up

Here are a sample of the model lighthouses made on our recent visit to Souter Lighthouse. The children created a switch which completes an electrical circuit and lights up the bulb so they can switch the light on and off. They decorated their model lighthouses to...

Year One’s Fish on Display

Our 3D fish have joined forces with some 2D ones to emblazon a wall and a window sill here at Fellside. Year One all stopped and spotted their fishy creations as they passed by the aquatic themed displays. It did cause a flurry of excitement and smiles all round! Our...

Terrific Trees

Year One went on a tree hunt around the our wonderful school grounds and using the leaves alone they were able to identify a great number of common British trees growing there. In the Key Stage One playground there are many oak trees and a beautiful Hawthorne still in...

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