Year 1

Mrs Armstrong assisted by Mrs Nevin

A HUGE welcome to the Year One Class Blog for the class of 2018-2019!
We are delighted you have joined us to find out about what we have been up to in our school learning environment and beyond.
Year One are a wonderful mix of characters and continue to enjoy their learning journey at Fellside.
Do add your comments to our entries as we would like to find out what you think about them.

Our Class Blog

Model Making in Year One

Year One set to this week to fashion models to recreate a street of old London of 1666, the time of the great fire. After studying pictures of timber framed Tudor buildings, which were common at this time, they began creating their own models using the an array of...

Ghoulish Goings on at Fellside

Year One turned out in force to dance the evening away in their array of scary costumes as it was the annual Halloween Disco. Some had looked forward to dressing up, others eating the sweet treats and others the hilarious entertainment delivered by Terry Junior, our...

Year One Paints an Inferno

Year One have been using their colour mixing skills to create their paintings of London on Fire using an array of warm colours to represent the flames. Once their background were dry, the children set to create silhouetted buildings using collaged squares, rectangles...

Food Technology: Baking Bread and Churning Butter

The Great Fire of London was reported to have begun in the bakery of Thomas Faynor on the 4th of September 1666 so in order to launch their History Topic ‘The Great Fire of London’ and their new role play area ‘The Puddling Lane Bakery’, Year One baked some loaves of...

Science Week – Testing Materials

In order to find out which of an array of materials would make the best jacket for a lighthouse keeper, Year One had to go about testing which were waterproof and which were not. They enjoyed working with a pipette to drop exact amounts of water onto the stretched...

When the police paid us a visit.

On the 13th of June, the whole school was awash with an array of police officers who had come to spend the morning with each of the classes to explain aspects about their roles. The morning started with an assembly where the children took active part in a presentation...


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