Year 3

Miss Jaremko assisted by Mrs Duncan and Mr Hill


A warm welcome to Year 3. We’ve got many things to look forward to this year – feel free to catch me if you have anything you wish to discuss with me.

I am very excited about all of the wonderful things we are going to learn this year, we are looking at some great topics about the Stone Age and much more.

As you’ll remember – the door is always open to you!

Our Class Blog

Hadrian’s Wall Fun!

We had a fantastic day at Housesteads learning about the Romans and exploring the fort. We met a Roman soldier and trained to become soldiers. We then explored the fort and some of the museum.

Skip 2 B Fit

We had such a fantastic day learning how to skip. We used our Growth Mindset to try and beat our scores and learn new skipping skills.

Natural Art

We had a great time designing and creating our own natural art using materials from outside. We looked at how we could use the materials to make pattern and shape. Some of us even made our own bug hotels. l

Spring Sing / Whickham Adventure

We have had an exciting few weeks in Year 3. We had such a brilliant time at the Spring Sing. We were the only class there who did not need the words! We sang beautifully.
We also enjoyed our walk around Whickham Village, looking for residential. commercial and recreational areas.

Music Workshop!

We had a great time in our music workshop. It was all about our Local Hero's and songs from our local area. We all had a chance to go to the front and play an instrument and some of us even got a chance to tap dance. We enjoyed learning about George Stephenson and...

Year 3 and 4 Party!

We had a great time at our 3/4 party this afternoon. We played lots of party games and showed off our wonderful dance moves. Then we went for some tasty party food and listened to some music. We had such a great time and everyone looked fabulous! [gallery link="file"...


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