Year 3

Miss Watson, Mrs Duncan and Mrs Nicols


A warm welcome to Year 3. We’ve got many things to look forward to this year – feel free to catch me if you have anything you wish to discuss with me.

As you’ll remember – the door is always open to you!

Our Class Blog

Year 3 Build Mesolithic Villages

This is what we had to say about our learning today: Year three have been discussing what a Mesolithic village would look like and how it could be built using natural materials - Sophie We had to think about working together to build them - Evie Our group built canoes...

Year 3 Sensory Descriptions

Today we worked on creating detailed descriptions using all of our senses. We tried to use adjectives and similes to describe an object without giving too much away! Can you guess what the objects were? They are colourful. Their shapes are similar to circles. The...

Year 3 Numeracy Place Value

Year 3 have started the term by thinking all about NUMBERS! We have investigated numbers using different equipment: counters, place value arrows and dienes. We have been comparing and ordering our three digit numbers and talking about the value of each digit. We have...

Year 3 Prehistoric Art

Year 3 have continued their study of Prehistoric art, creating 'paintings' using natural materials that they foraged themselves (in the rain!) They collected a variety of twigs, berries, bark, leaves, grass and mud to experiment with when back in the classroom. Though...

Year 3 Welcome Letter

Year 3 parents can find a Welcome Letter containing key information and a curriculum overview for the autumn term attached Welcome to the new school year year 3 2017...

Year 3 Art – Charcoal Prints

Year 3 arrived on the first day of term with an excellent attitude and produced some amazing work. We began to think about our history and art topic - 'The Stone Age to Iron Age' and made some preliminary sketches using charcoal to replicate the cave paintings we...

Year 3 Meet the Police

On Monday, the police visited Fellside to talk to us about their work in the community. After an informative assembly, Year 3 joined with Year 2 to talk to Dawn and Michael, to of the officers, about Stranger Danger and Road Safety. We knew lots of useful information...

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