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A warm welcome to Year 5’s blog.

Year 5 is a busy year; the children learn lots, work hard and are encouraged to become even more independent and responsible.

Please read all about the fun and interesting activities that have been going on in our classroom.

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Our Class Blog

Year 5 are visited by NE Humanists

Year 5 were visited by Kate Hinton of North East Humanists as they have been learning about this belief in their RE lessons. Kate came in to talk to the children about the Golden Rule, ceremonies and what being a humanist means to her. She also answered many of the...

Big Pedal Winners

As has begun to be the norm for the winners of the annual intra-class Big Pedal competition, our Year 5 class were the recipients of a 'top table' lunchtime treat on Wednesday 8th May.  Having made the most journeys out of all of our classes to and from school by...

Ozobots in Year Five

Year 5 have enjoyed their introduction to the ozobots. They have been coding the bots using pens, which the ozobot can read and follow. As well as this, red, blue and green pens can be used to give instructions such as 'tornado' or 'snail dose', changing speed or...

Year 5’s Fantastic Viking Visit to Durham

Year 5 had a fantastic day yesterday learning all about the Vikings at Palace Green Museum and Library in Durham. The day started with a handling session where the children were able to examine a wide range of artifacts from the Viking period. Some even tried the...

Vex iQ Champions: We’re the Next Level!

On 6th February, two teams from Fellside took part in the Vex iQ Next Level Challenge - 2019. This was a regional competition held at Nissan for 7-11 year-olds to show their skills with building, programming and operating a robot. The two teams have been working with...

The Mayan Heroes of Year 5

This morning, Year 5 presented their learning about the Mayans and a Mayan Legend, the Hero Twins, to their families and friends. The Mayans were certainly a brutal civilization, but we have them to thank for many scientific advancements we now take for granted, such...

Year 5 Designers and Entrepreneurs!

Year Five have gotten thoroughly into their Design and Technology project this term, which was to make a free-standing structure. This project was based around creating some new playground equipment for the Key Stage One yard, inspired by the class' involvement with...


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