KS2 Performance Data - Year 6 (30 pupils) - Academic Year 2017/18
Fellside Community Primary School 2018 Performance Data
KS2 Performance Data – Year 6 (30 pupils) Academic Year 2016/17
KS2 Performance Data – Year 6 (30 pupils) Academic Year 2015/2016

Following considerable changes to the structure of assessment at KS2 from summer 2016, the performance data for all primary schools is no longer presented as national curriculum levels. Instead, levels have been removed and in their place is a national ‘Expected Standard’ for Year 6 children to meet. This standard is met by achieving at least 100 on a scaled score in reading; spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG); and mathematics in SAT tests. Further, children who achieve a score of 110+ on the scaled score are identified as attaining a ‘Higher Standard’.

Outcomes in writing are measured by assessments made by teaching staff, moderated by the local authority.

The progress measure for the year group indicates whether the children, collectively, have made progress ‘below’, ‘in line with’ or ‘above’ expectation nationally. A progress score of 0 means pupils in a school (on average) do about as well at KS2 as those nationally. A positive score means pupils in a school (on average) do better at KS2 than those nationally. A negative score means pupils (on average) do less well at KS2 than those nationally. Most schools’ progress scores fall in the range of -5 to +5. Progress data for Fellside in 2016 deems the school to be within the top 10% of schools in England for performance data at KS2, and well above national average.

Equivalent outcomes nationally are provided below for comparison purposes.

ks2 data


Further Information

You can assess our School Performance on the DfE Compare Schools website.

Information about our results.

KS2 – 2015

Fellside Community Primary School 2015 Performance Data

KS2 – 2014

Fellside Community Primary School 2014 Performance Data

KS2 – 2013

Fellside Community Primary School 2013 Performance Data


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