A new school uniform is being introduced from September 2019, apart from in Nursery where our existing uniform remains.


Uniform in Nursery is entirely optional although most parents do find it more convenient, and therefore it is worn by most children.

Royal blue sweatshirt with Fellside logo

White polo top with or without Fellside logo

Reception to Year 6 Inclusive

Grey school trousers

Royal blue kilt (supplied by Tots to Teams)

White school shirt

Royal blue cardigan with Fellside logo (Courtelle) (Supplied by Tots to Teams)

Royal blue v neck sweater with Fellside logo (Courtelle) (Supplied by Tots to Teams)

Grey socks or tights

School tie (Supplied by Tots to Teams)

Flat black school shoes (no ‘ballet’ style shoes, please)

Summer Term Only (April to July)

Blue gingham dress/white socks

Grey school shorts

PE Uniform

Black shorts

Black plimsolls

White crew neck T Shirt with Fellside logo (supplied by Tots to Teams)

Outdoor PE Kit

Plain tracksuit (need not be branded)

Black Joggers

Fellside Hoodie (optional)


In addition, children require a branded Fellside book bag.  This can also be obtained from Tots to Teams.

General Presentation

  • Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back.
  • Jewellery is not allowed in school, except for watches, which have to be removed for PE, games and swimming etc., so please ensure they are not valuable.
  • If parents want to have their children’s ears pierced, it is suggested this is done at the beginning of the summer holiday, so that by the time the autumn term starts, studs may be removed. Any child who has not followed this advice will not be able to do PE of any sort, and will be asked to remove any ear-rings during the school day. If a child cannot remove his/her own earrings they will be asked to put a plaster over them, to avoid any potential accidents in the playground.

This is a policy of Gateshead Council, in line with national guidance, and our school supports it.



School Uniform Ordering

School uniform can be ordered online using the Tot to Teams website below.




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