At Fellside we aim to foster a love of reading with the children which will lead to lifelong pleasure. Adults in our school lead by example modelling enthusiasm in their engagement with books.

Reading is a life skill; hence it is a key focus for our children from Nursery to Year 6.

Our aims are:

  • To foster an interest in books and reading for pleasure, including enjoying  a wide variety of texts such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • To ensure children can read with confidence, accuracy, fluency and understanding
  • To become independent readers, transferring their skills across the curriculum
  • To develop their powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness as well as increasing both their written and oral vocabulary
  • To prepare children for the next stage in their education


Early Reading and Phonics

Phonics is given high priority at Fellside, with daily sessions in Early Years and Key Stage 1. Children in our Nursery classes take part in whole class and small group Jolly Phonic sessions, ensuring a positive start to their reading career.  This progresses to the use of Letters and Sounds in Reception and Key Stage 1 in the form of daily differentiated sessions. Children are routinely assessed for their sound recognition, blending and reading; extra intervention is organised where appropriate.


Reading Curriculum

At Fellside we follow National Curriculum objectives.  Differentiated and inclusive lessons are planned which focus on the key skills of understanding, inference and deduction whilst encouraging higher level reading skills amongst our children. Additionally, independent reading sessions take place in each year group on a weekly basis. Children visit the school library selecting a book from a wide range of good quality, appealing fiction and non-fiction texts. This can either be enjoyed in class or at home as part of our Home Reading Scheme.

Reading Schemes

Fellside uses a range of reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Sound Start and Project X to support the development of our children’s reading skills.  Books appropriate to the child’s ability are selected to ensure success and progression. All children are also given a reading book at an appropriate level to take home with an expectation of at least one book going home each week.

Home Reading

At Fellside we ask for an adult to read with their child for at least 15 minutes every night, including weekends and school holidays. It is widely recognised regular practice allows children to develop their reading skills as well as enjoying a wide variety of texts and discovering the pleasure and excitement of reading.

Video Help

The following short video contains the ‘Phase 3’ Jolly Phonics sounds we are teaching the children at school



Further Information

For Year Group details follow the link:
National Strategies

Booklet for Parents
Parent Literacy Booklet (doc)

Key Stage 1 Reading Scheme

As a school we use Oxford Reading Tree, Sound Start and Project X as reading schemes.

We encourage children to read at home both to and with parents not just from the schemes but a variety of literature.


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