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Year 5 Explore Planet Earth

In their literacy work, Year Five have been exploring how to write a documentary. We have looked at the narration of the wonderful Sir David Attenborough as inspiration, and thought about how he uses varied sentence types to maintain an engaging pace. The children...

Robotics with Mr Nelson

To develop their understanding of computer coding and algorithms, the children worked with Mr Nelson in a robotics workshop.  During the session, they wrote and debugged an algorithm to control a small robot around a track.  They then had the opportunity to test their...

Fellside’s Anthem – Earth Song

This year, all Fellside children have learned a song that fast became a firm favourite: Earth Song.  Indeed, the song has been taken to everyone's hearts with such affection that it is now known as our school anthem.  We decided on an impromptu performance of it...

Year 3’s Performance at our Musical Assembly

Our Year 3 class has been learning the recorder this year with their music teacher, Mr Crinson.  Here they are performing in our Musical Assembly on 30th June.  Now you can re-live their performance at home.  Enjoy!

Birthday Greetings from Down Under!

We were delighted to receive this birthday video message from a beach somewhere in Cairns, Australia, from the Robinsons.  We watched it in assembly on Monday (when it was pouring with rain) and tried very hard not to be too envious of the lovely weather they were...

Acrobatic Gymnastics – Year 5

Year 5 have been focussing on acrobatic gymnastics this half term, which culminated in the creation of a pair sequence on the floor, mats and apparatus. Their sequences needed to include basic acrobatic balances (part-weight bearing, counter-tension and...

Ancient Maya Workshop in Year 5

Dr Jo, from Zoetrope Histories, visited Year 5 during the final week of our history topic on The Ancient Maya.  The children had great fun playing Mayan game, reading Mayan stories, handling artifacts and learning a Mayan song. [gallery...

Creative Bridges by Year 5

In their gymnastics lessons Year 5 have been focussing on creating different bridges. We have worked towards making a short routine which included two high bridges, one low bridge linked with at least one turn, a jump and a creative method of travelling. This week...


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